Fulvic Zeolite – 1 oz. Liquid

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Zeolite, one of the few negatively charged minerals, is formed naturally when volcanic lava reacts with cooling waters. Our zeolite has been synergistically combined with fulvic acid to create Fulvic Zeolite™, which acts like a magnet, drawing positively charged toxins and heavy metals out of the body. We recommend combining it with any of our green foods for added assimilation.


  • An effective part of any cleansing program

  • Contains no synthetic chemicals

  • Helps balances pH levels and helps restore electrical conductivity in the body

  • Safe for all ages over 2 years*


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For adults: Hold 3 drops under tongue for 10 seconds then swallow. Or mix 3 drops with any juice or water 3 times a day. Start with one drop 3 times a day and slowly increase to 3 drops, 3 times a day over a period of 2 weeks. Best results when mixed with a green drink. *For children: take one drop a day mixed with juice or purified water.

Supercharged activated fulvic acid, zeolite.


1oz Liquid


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