Ginseng Plus – 500mg / 100 Tablets

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Consistent with the Pure Planet philosophy of quality, we make the finest, most minimally processed ginseng powders and tablets. We use American ginseng, considered to be among the finest ginseng found anywhere in the world. According to leading ginseng experts, American ginseng naturally balances the human body; it supports the adrenals and increases endurance, energy, and mental clarity. The ginsenoside content of American ginseng is more potent than that of Asian ginseng, yet you never feel jittery. It is the ultimate stress reliever. It also causes a distinctive toning but calming response which is energizing but not stimulating.

  • Grown in the U.S.A.
  • Helps increase stamina, endurance & focus
  • Pure, Non GMO and Vegan


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Take 6 tablets (3g) per day.


American Ginseng, California grown Spirulina.


Vegetarian capsules.


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