Organic Parasite Cleanse

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Organic Parasite Cleanse is a complete & specific blend of functional, certified organic herbs and superfoods. Carefully formulated to support superior intestinal health by both stimulating peristaltic action for gentle daily elimination & supporting healthy intestinal microbial activity. It is the only complete anti-microbial & cleansing formula on the market that is certified organic.


  • USDA Certified Organic comprehensive cleansing formula.
  • This formula is for both parasitic concerns as well as overall elimination support
  • Safe for daily use
  • Gentle, no cramping formula
  • Free of gluten, yeast, soy, corn, binders, filler, preservatives, or added sugars
  • Contains classic and clinically studied herbs for digestive health
  • Easy to mix; tasty pineapple flavor
  • May support healthy blood sugar levels and curb appetite
  • Great for travelers
  • Can be safely combined with Pure Planet’s Pro-Fiber (organic) formula for additional fiber needs


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Take one rounded tablespoon with water 2x daily for 10 days as needed or for prevention. (Additional benefits can be obtained by waiting 20 days after finishing the product, then repeating the process.) Always consume lots of fresh water daily.


Organic flax, organic psyllium husk powder, organic chia seed, organic apple fiber, organic fennel seed, organic black walnut hull, organic cactus, organic marshmallow root, organic milk thistle seed, organic wormwood, organic turmeric, natural pineapple flavor, lo han berry extract.


Natural Pineapple Flavor, Lo Han Berry Extract.


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