Why Pure Planet

Our Philosophy

In 1992, Pure Planet set out to allow everyone access to raw, organic and plant-based nutritional products that could truly change lives. Over 25 years later, our owners are still deeply rooted in the belief that our lush planet provides everything the human body needs to live a long healthy life.

Nutritional research supports Pure Planet’s mission to promote vibrant health and longevity through world-class superfoods. Our products’ ingredients are carefully selected to nourish at the cellular level, activating your metabolism and supporting your immune defense. While Pure Planet products defend our health, we also defend and protect our planet. We believe in minimizing our impact and improving our relationship with the Earth. Pure Planet is committed to the preservation of the Earth and the plants, and to the history of those plants. Internal supplementation of our specialized whole food formulas gives everyone the opportunity to achieve radiant health for life.


Our Process/Our Sourcing

Trusted Supplier and Farmer Relationships

We have been to many of the farms where our food is grown, met with the farmers who produce our food and reviewed their standards. In addition, we have educated them on our needs and the qualities that we desire. We continue to hold our farmers to those standards and they uphold them with PRIDE. We guarantee that our farmers don’t use pesticides or herbicides. We do not allow radiation or support industries that create and distribute artificial colors and artificial ingredients. Sustainable agriculture and farming is what we strive for with our farmer partners.

We are the Manufacturer

As the manufacturer, we can control the sourcing of each ingredient; from where it originates to its potency and purity. We are a dedicated group of people who seek out, obtain, and educate ourselves about the highest quality whole food ingredients available on the planet and bring them to you in their purest form. With full-scale Research and Development and Quality Control departments, our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facilities also utilize an “outside” third party testing facility that allows for examination of each ingredient from receipt of raw materials to finished product. In addition to being a Certified Organic facility under both U.S. and European Standards, we are also a Kosher manufacturing facility.

Our supplier relationships and direct receiving of raw materials provides a direct link between grower/supplier and Pure Planet’s pure potent whole foods supplements.